Daniel Fagerberg is running UFO-sthlm as well as Strombro (engineering)
and PAQAM (software development)


Daniel began his training in Newcastle, Australia where he received his first degree, and then completed his studies 2002 at the Architectural Association in London, UK. ext to architecture, Daniel has been involved in a number of cross fertilization projects within IT and marketing, where social and infrastructural issues have informed the development of innovative business concepts. He has also worked extensively within animation, video and web. Daniel has lectured and taught studios, touching the zone between architecture, technology and new media at universities in Sweden, UK, Australia, Norway and Chile. Currently Daniel holds the visiting professor position, -Hyde Chair of Excellence, at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln USA. Former Hyde Chairs include Peter Cook, Wolf Prix and Michael Sorkin amongst others.

Daniel is a firm believer in what is called applied architecture, or performing architecture, which means that his offices spend just as much time on the factory floor as on site, in the forest or in front of the screen. He focuses on sustainable building with a special interest in solid timber and efficient industrial production and mass customization. He strives to engage in the full building process, which has led to a series of new ventures within engineering, software development and property development.

To meet his own requirements and later the requirements of the timber industry and to make use of parametric design tools and BIM, he found a new market in the translation of CAD environment into CAM and the production of building components. Therefore in 2003, Daniel began exploring software development for the building industry (mainly timber industry) through which he in 2010 formed the company PAQAM (pack-to-cam). This resulted in further d0mand for product development and services, and Later in 2010 he set up Strombro Building Workshop(engineering). Through the work with Paqam and Strombro, his companies has taken a pole position as a specialized consultancy firm in the emerging industrialization of timber production and building in Scandinavia, lately expanding into Germany, Austria, Switzerland and since 2013 into USA and Canada. In 2008 Daniel joined Urban Future Organization (a green global architecture collective) where he now runs the Stockholm hub. Daniel frequently lectures at fairs, seminars and councils in Sweden, Norway and the UK, in the interest of promoting timber and the industrialization thereof as a sustainable building material.